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How the Association is Organised

The General Committee (GC)

  • Led by two elected Presidents
  • Made up of elected and co-opted members
  • Aims to meet at least once every half term
  • Annual General Meeting held every Summer term

The Executive Committee (Exec)

  • Led by the Presidents
  • Made up of the Presidents, the two immediate past Presidents, the Treasurer, the Minutes Secretary and the Secretary
  • Aims to meet at least once a term

The Trust Fund

  • In 1939 the General Committee established a trust fund to produce long term capital growth and provide income for the Careers Fund
  • The Trust Fund is administered by the Trustees who are appointed by the General Committee and are responsible for the stewardship of the investments
  • There are currently six trustees including the SSPA Treasurer who serves in an ex officio capacity.
  • The Trust Deed is currently being reviewed by a specialised sub-committee to bring it up to date. Progress will be minuted at the General Committee meetings.

The Careers Fund

  • The income generated from the Trust Fund’s investments is paid directly to the Careers Fund
  • The Careers Fund is used to assist pupils in the furtherance of their education at the School. Cases are typically considered in the event of family financial hardship in a crucial (ie GCSE or A level) year

The Careers Fund Committee

  • This committee consists of a Chairman (elected by the General Committee), the Headmaster and the Executive Committee
  • The Committee meets in absolute confidence to consider applications from parents for payment from the Careers Fund.
  • The Applicants name is known only to the Chairman, the Bursar and the Headmaster

The Events Committees

  • Each of these committees is made up of an event leader, one member of the Exec and a team of volunteers who may or may not be on the General Committee
  • Each event committee plans, organises and runs one Parents’ Association event, eg the Ladies Supper.


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